How do I understand the car’s maximum roof load weight in relation to the weight of the roof top tent + persons?

Maximum weight stated in the vehicle registration card is a weight limitation for the car when moving. Typically this weight is limited to 50-100 kg depending on your car. The limitation is set quite low due to the high center of gravity and the gravity forces involved at high speed.
When parked, these factors are not valid, and typically a car roof can handle several hundre kilos of weight load when distributed evenly. If you are in doubt about your car can handle a sufficient total weight of tent + persons, please contact the car manufacture.

PS: It is always the customer responsibility to be sure the roof top tent can be used in combination with their car. NORSE CAMP does not take any responsibility for car damages caused by the usage of our roof top tents.

What do I need to fit a roof top tent to my car?

You would need roof bar installed. We recommend Thule Square bars or similar as they are solid, have a good weight distribution on each corner foot, and has certain roof clearance that will ease the installation of the roof top tent.

How do I know if the roof top tent will fit my car?

Typically there is no problem with mid-sized to larger cars. For smaller cars and/or when the distance between roof rails are short, there can be an issue with installation, as the installation bars underneath the roof top tent, needs a minimum of distance to be installed. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure if a roof top tent will fit your car or not. We will assist the best we can.

How well is the roof top tent secured to my car?

It is very well secured with 4 fixation points, each with two powerful screws and locknuts.

Is it difficult to mount a roof top tent?

Not at all, but its an advantage to be two. Just slide it onto the pre installed roof bars, use a ratchet tools to secure all 4 fixation points properly and you are good to go.